Ally uses her accumulative knowledge of yoga to teach and lead you into a playful practice. She aspires to teach a strong, confident practice to help encourage her omies to become present in their everyday chaotic lives.

She is originally from Fairfield, IA and is currently based out of Cedar Rapids, IA. Her journey into yoga began 8 years ago when she took her first class at Hot House Yoga. That's when she knew she found the love of her life. In relationships when you find the love of your life you just know. Yoga is a constant evolution of finding balance, building strength, and practicing compassion from within. Her influences have been Matthew Sweeney, Kelly Green, Janet Stone, Dylan Warner, and Maureen Mondanaro.

Benefits of Beer and Yoga: Barely grains have been discovered as ample hordatines, phenolic compounds that may possess big-time antioxidant power. Plus, hordatines have been found to help keep digestion humming (yoga twists) by triggering smooth-muscle contractions. To reap the most benefits, order beers brewed with barley malts, such as lagers, ales, stouts, and porters.

Close out your work week with Ally’s Balance and Brew class. Now lets find your mat and your favorite brew Namáste!

This is a donation based class.