Joseph Servey

Brand Manager, Iowa Brewing Company


Iowa Eagle Flies to the Rescue

Iowa Brewing Company gives Iowans a good reason to choose local when stocking their coolers for football season.

Cedar Rapids, IA—If the recent Busch Light drama left a bad taste in your mouth—you’re not alone. Iowans everywhere are scrambling to find a suitable local replacement that can fill the 12-pack-sized void in their gameday coolers. 

Iowa Brewing Company is here to remind you that you have choices. Much, much tastier choices.

When we started Iowa Brewing Company in 2016, we committed to crafting beer that represents who we are as a state. We do this by sourcing corn and hops from local farmers, brewing everything here at our facility in Cedar Rapids, and giving back to our community (and not just when we get national news coverage out of it).

If there’s a single beer that best represents who we are as a company, it’s our Iowa Eagle American Lager. Crisp, refreshing and ultra-drinkable, it’s a fan favorite—and a worthy replacement for that certain light beer whose name we no longer mention in polite company. 

In case the taste alone isn’t a compelling enough reason to replace the beer in your fridge, we’ve got another one for you: 

We’re donating proceeds from every sale of Iowa Eagle to charitable organizations in need of support across Iowa. This quarter’s recipient is the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. It’s a part of our ongoing effort to give back—an effort that has no “best by” or expiration date.

It’s a tall order, but our tallboys are up for the challenge. 

About Iowa Brewing Company

Combining tradition with innovation, our mission is to brew great beer for the people of Iowa—and beyond. We are a production brewery located in Cedar Rapids between the Downtown and New Bohemia districts. Our taproom is an easy walk to our city's cultural and dining attractions. For a bite between beers, we are partnering with area food trucks and we also encourage our guests to bring their favorite foods, preferably enough to share.